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Join our Tight-Knit society of Crypto Traders, Investors & Educators who share trade secrets, early announcements, opportunities & more. With 10+ moderators stationed around the world, the chat is operational 24/7. Profit is the GOAL.

Member Success Stories

These are just a handful of the success stories we received weekly! Inside the Discord there is a chat-room specifically for sharing these incredible gains! Check it out for yourself!

Features and Bennies

  • Hear About Tokens Before they Blow Up

  • Access to the ground floor of what's happening in Crypto

  • Profit from Time Spent on Your Laptop/Computer

  • Acquire Capital to Trade Crypto With - Sign Up Money

  • Up-to-date Resources (Weekly Updates)

  • Up-to-date Strategy (Fully Transparent)

  • Intro to Crypto: Torin's Crypto Academy

  • Crypto Support

  • Exclusive Access to How-To's

  • Community of Likeminded Individuals

  • Direct Access to Torin

Torin's Crypto Academy

Inside of the discord, Torin has put together a handful of video's to help each member understand blockchain and the world of crypto better. The more you learn, the more you earn. This course is included in the monthly subscription and can be watched at any time during that month. New topics and tutorials are added monthly and can be voted on inside the chat. Video topics as follows:

  • Section 1 : The Basics of Blockchain

    • What is Digital Currency (7min)

    • What is the Blockchain (11min)

    • What is Cryptocurrency (8min)

    • What are Stablecoins (7min)

  • Section 2 : The Major Large Cap Coins

    • What is Bitcoin (9min)

    • What is Ethereum (8min)

    • What is Cardano (6min)

    • What is Tether (8min)

    • What is Ripple (7min)

  • Section 3 : Blockchain Intermediate Knowledge

    • What are Cryptocurrency Miners (7min)

    • What is Public Key Cryptography (5mins)

    • What is Binance (7min)

  • Section 4 : The Important How-To's

    • How to Diversify Your Portfolio (6min)

    • How to Save on Trading Fees (4min)

    • How to Find Binance P&L (5min)

    • How to Fund Newton | Canada (7min)

    • How to Find your Shitcoin Balance (5min)

    • How to Avoid Paying Crypto Taxes (8min)

    • How to do Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency (7min)

    • How to Use Trust Wallet (5min)

  • Section 5 : Bonus Content

    • 5 Mistakes When Investing/Trading Crypto (10min)

    • My $100,000 Crypto Portfolio (Built in 1 Month) (11min)

Handy Resources

  • Need a Virtual Private Network [VPN]

  • Get 5% Off Trades: BINANCE

  • Get $20 after Buying/Selling $50: COINBERRY

  • Get $25 after Buying/Selling $100: NEWTON

  • Get $10 in BTC after Buying $100: COINBASE

  • Get $20 after Buying/Selling $250: BITBUY

Why You Should Join

  1. WEEKLY PRE-SALES: Get in before the Majority

  2. High Paying Potential (100x profits)

  3. Absolute Disruption in Supply-Chain (Defi)

  4. Inflection Point of An Era

  5. Industries On Blockchain

  6. Integration With New Age Technology

  7. Data Security & Digital Identity

  8. Calculated Investment in Cryptocurrencies & ICO’s

  9. High Demand For Blockchain

  10. Cutting Edge Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Get Access? Upon completion of transaction, you will receive an invite to the platform.

  • What is the Monthly Cost? Currently, the monthly charge is $24.99. This is subject to increase in the future.

  • Can I pay with CRYPTO? Yes, We now accept crypto payments. Please email for instructions.

  • Is there a trial? Unfortunately not. There is a wealth of knowledge and resources inside that will be open after joining.

  • Can I cancel at any time? Yes, it is very easy to do so through email. But we are very confident it will be the best money you spend.

  • How often are you present on the platform? Everyday. With weekly watchlists, technical analysis', and user questions, you will find us there.

  • Do I have to input my Credit Card each month? Nope, it will go into a subscription. You will have access to this chat as long as your charge goes through.

  • Are there Refunds? Unfortunately not. Once you see the information inside it is up to you to do what you want with it. This is premium paid content and is private until paid. This is regardless of the amount of time spend inside.


"Jammed Packed With Value"

Jamie S.

Was very interested in this business model as an additional revenue stream. Found Torin on Youtube and loved the transparency and teaching style. Completely worth the money. Close to a $500 course worth of value.


"A Digital Steal"

Frank K.

Absolutely love the content. To the point, and easy to follow. Less than a week in and I'm feeling much more confident in myself and my money. Highly recommend.

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